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I see so many ads for patent medicines and miracle cures that I thought I'd start including some in The Olden Times.  After all, this is what our ancestors had to choose from when seeking over-the-counter medications. You'll find that many of them seem to offer something for everyone, no matter what their medical complaint.

On one hand, they certainly make one grateful for 21st-century medicine. On the other hand, some of them sound alarmingly familiar!

John T. GILES Offers Rochelle Powders, for Acid Stomach, Nausea, or as a Gentle Purgative, 1855

Problems with Ulcers, Eruptions of Syphilitic Poisoning? H. H. GREEN Sells Acker's Blood Elixir at his Drug & Jewelry Store, IL, 1888

Galvanic Belt Restores Lost Manhood! 1888

Wolfe's Schnapps, 1903   But, Officer, it's for medicinal purposes only! (*hic*)

Suicide Prevention? Dr. MINTIE's English Dandelion, Liver and Dyspepsia Pills, 1874

 Latham's Cathartic Extract, 1872    Sick headache? Impurities in the blood? Constipation? Here's your cure!

Peruvian Syrup: Cures Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Debility and Humors. Quite the comprehensive medicine!

Hartshorn's Bitters: Guaranteed!

For Men: The Electrovoltaic Belt Restores Lost Manhood, 1885
Well, you'd certainly get a charge out of this one.

A Solution to the Damages Caused by  Young Men's Secret Habits and Depraved Sexual Indulgences, TN, circa 1875    WILKINS

East India Hemp Cures Consumption & Bronchitis? Well, maybe you just don't care that you're sick once you've taken this "medicine!"

Dr. GILBERT's Sure Pile Cure Available Through J, B, ROMAINE, NY, 1866. A cure for hemorrhoids... or a torture tool?

Boker's Bitters, for sale by druggists, liquor merchants, and L. FUNKE, Jr., Sole Agent, New York, 1879

Green Mountain Cathartic, 1881   Malaria? Jaundice? Depression? Mental Depression? Dyspepsia? We've got your cure! Great graphic, too!

Dr. BUTTS' Dispensary... When young men suffer from indiscretion. 1881

Bel-Ans Pills for Indigestion, 1918

Dr. CASE's Carbolate of Tar Inhalants, 1883 For respiratory diseases.

Prevent Constipation with Herbine, 1903 FISCHER, STROUD

Physician's Choice (Great American Products)

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